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What is Kuzamba?

Kuzamba is a financial information portal focused primarily on stocks, but it also addresses issues of futures and forex markets. Its geographical scope includes the Latin American economy and the US Latino market.

Why Kuzamba?

The Latin American economy has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade with what the middle class has expanded and increased their savings. Thus, the need for economic and investment information has risen. However, the quality and quantity of financial information is scarce so investors can not find enough tools to manage their savings.

In this context, Kuzamba wants to fill this gap and provide quality financial and economic information and thereby contribute to increased financial literacy in Latin American countries and US Latino collective.

Who do Kuzamba?

The Kuzamba team includes financial journalists, economists, media researchers, developers of new technologies and entrepreneurs.

What Kuzamba wants?

Kuzamba aims to promote financial literacy in Latin America and the Latino community in the United States. Where people are able to make their money work and generate wealth to raise the standard of living in all countries from Mexico to the Patagonia.

Kuzamba seeks also to embody the feel of the new generation of Latinos in the United States. Understand their needs and enhance their dreams and financial culture to create both individual and collective wealth.


Kuzamba offers consultancy and coaching in financial literacy and application of new technologies and social media in finance and education.

  • Creating educational programs in finance and investments.
  • Advising on ethical Banking
  • Financial and Corporate Coaching
  • Project and new ideas consulting.
  • New technologies applied to financial education consulting.
  • Social media in finance
  • Social media in newsrooms

Learn, inform yourself and invest. Spread the word, it’s your time.


Kuzamba always wants to hear the voice of their community.  If you want to write and send a traditional letter. Please write to:

PO BOX 236514
Cocoa, Florida. 32923

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